Saturday, February 11, 2012

[SIMS 3] Guys Project!!! Harem~♥ (a bit Yaoi)

Ehhh, it's me again, today I come with my male sims in Guys Project!!! Harem~♥ (a bit Yaoi)

They're mostly my creation but they're only two that's not mine.

Let's see them!

Group Pic, I'll introduce them from left to right

Standing row: Red Hair - Kira by Alicexin, Black red-highlighted Hair - Sei
(My most favourite guy), White Hair - Bart (also my creation),
Dark Blonde - Victor (mine too,)

Sitting row: Purple Hair - Mei Hlong and Silver Hair - Ducan (mine)
Blue Hair - Acedia by KEWAI-DOU

Single Pose

Started with Ducan, I tried to make him like this Ducan of D.O.D.

Do they look like each other? Tell me, please.



Next one, Victor - Cute bartender

Kira - the second bartender

Bart - Playboy

Mei Hlong - He's the bouncer of the club

Acedia - Superstar

Sei - the most naughty one

From this moment, there will be only couple pics of them ;D

Playboy x Bartender

Bart x Victor

Bartender x The Bouncer

Kira x Mei Hlong

Naughty Boy x Superstar

Sei x Acedia

That's all, see you next time :)

Pls, comment :pinch:

Credit Sims: Ephemera, Tifa, LL, WM, YW, Peggy, Newsea, #aWT, Alicexin, My Blue Book,  Heiret, Jasumi, Rusty Nail, Lapiz Lazuli, Darko, MYOS, MaximumSims3, Twallen, cmomoney, ~RainyDrops~, CmarNYC, Sasha. J, Amy's Garden, Tehmango, PRADASIMS, Reis, OH My Sims, Pika, Ruki, Just Do it!, KE-WAI DOU, Downtosea, susan372@TSR, Winry@MTS etc.

Credit Photoshop Action: sa-cool@DA and pumpkinking131@DA

Credit Font: Jellyka